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  1. A Muse Meant                                        
  2. I’m Not Writing a Book Today (English)          
  3. Just Sew Stories           
  4. Martha’s Chickens & the Pirates (Red)      
  5. Martha’s Chickens & the Pirates (Yellow)      

6-8 Mermaid's Revenge Series

  • Mermaid Overboard                
  • Mermaid Evolution                  
  • Mermaid Revenge 


9. No estoy escribiendo un libro hoy   


10-12 Smart As Kids Series

  •  (Smart Girl) Didn’t Give a Duck 
  •  (Smart Boy) Didn’t Give a Ship
  •  (I) Don’t Give a Truck 

13. Weird Pie by 8-year-old Phyl Campbell           

14. For Adults: #25 Reasons                                    

15. For Adults: Vegan Sandwich Maker                 

16. For Adults: Rev. Joan / Red Roses Wilted

17. For Adults: The Carley Patrol

18&19&20. For Adults: Mother Confessor 1&2      

Blank, Journal, Activity, Other

21&22. Mermaid’s Revenge Blank Book     

                 Mandy & Harpsichord   

23. Mermaid and Friends Coloring Book               

24. Confessions of a Grammar Enthusiast         

25. Halloween Scare – Scavenger Hunt Book          

26-38. Health Journals – 2 sizes & 6 cover choices    39-42.Pet Care Books – 2 covers each for dogs/cats    

43. Clouds Over New Mexico (Photography)

Clever Mermaid Card Game                                
Mermaid’s Revenge Tabletop Game   
Mermaid Explorers Dice Game + Checkers  

Games Available through my store or at Blissful Bonita in York PA & Night Owl Books in New Freedom PA
(Books available these places plus Amazon)

So I usually say I've authored and published over 50 books, and there's only 43 on this list. That's because this list does not include ebooks of the same titles and a book I published as a gift and then unpublished so that the recipient had a collector's item.  Some people won't count these extras as books. I don't care. Some people won't credit the games I've published as equal to publishing a book, either. They're free to be wrong. It's unlikely to be the first time, so they should embrace the sensation. By my counts, I'm well over 50.

Also. I should do a photo gallery with links to everything. I'm a busy woman and don't have time for that. Copy and Paste the titles into whichever store front you're going to use, or print this list to head into a bookstore and be content!!

Martha's red version

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