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Privacy Notice:

GoDaddy and Google say I have to have a privacy notice. This is kind of like paying taxes. The government knows what should be here, what data is collected, etc. It does a poor job of relaying this info to me, and I'm just not criminally inclined to use your information unless you are a hateful piece of work. Then I intend to screenshot your comments and embarrass you with them on social media. Other than that, use this website to learn about me or to get my info so I can help you publish your book. Any nefarious use of this website will impress me greatly, please let me know how you are nefariously using the information you learned here so I can be impressed. 

    ***marketing and other things I don't do ***

I do not market your book -- but if I think people will get excited about it, I will share it on my social media channels. I don't guarantee sales, buy anything back that doesn't sell, pay advances, or anything like that.

*I do not draw pretty pictures. You are free to provide your own (interior and) cover art, seek out any artist you want to design your cover, help me select a cover image from an art site that you pay a separate fee for,  or help me select an image from a free site (I will send you links to website(s) of approved images). You can trust me to pick a cover image for you if you prefer not to be involved in that decision. You will get final approval. 

‚ÄčOnce the book is published, it is your baby to do with as you wish. You can order as many copies as you want, set whatever price you want for them, and that is between you, your customer, and Uncle Sam. You will earn royalties from Print on Demand if your books sell on Amazon or Kindle and at this time I do not take any percentage of earned royalties. You will be responsible for any taxes on royalty income. I can give you more information about that at a later time if you have questions.

Join Phyl's growing list of clients who went from having a story to tell to having a book to share. 
If you are new to publishing, or have a story to tell and aren't sure where to begin, I can help. Most consulting packages start at $1000 (see "Consulting Services" below); payment plans are available. 

Do you have a manuscript gathering dust or sitting in a drawer? Feel like the technical stuff would be impossible to learn? If you can write it, I can publish it. 

I accept cash, check, credit, or E-payments. Payment plans are available as low as $25/week.

                 *** consulting services ***
$50 per hour; first time 2 hour minimum.

in person, via Skype, FB PM, email, or telephone
Packages are available for a set number of hours or per project.  Ghost-writing or heavy editing easily takes hundreds of hours.  The less work you do, the more work I do. Together, we can create a plan to fit your budget and get your book in your hands.

If you think you have above-average computer skills, you may prefer paying for my consultation services. I can show you how to set up your own account on most any publishing platform.  I can teach you how to format your manuscript. With the right level of skill and attention to detail, a book can be uploaded in about ten hours of instruction.  Your experience may vary.

    ***Add ons***
Plot hole editing 
Image resizing
Image hunting
Social Media Connecting

***Ghost writing*** 

Fee per project or hourly. Let's talk!

*** wrapping up ***

Overall, I am committed to taking your story or stories and packaging it/them into the best print form I can so you can share them with the world. I'm not a vanity press that will publish anything for a fee -- if your work needs major editing, I will tell you that. On the other hand, I'm not a publishing house that is selective and only publishes the next orphan wizard or teen zombie story or whatever. I want to help you produce the best book you can write, with the story only you can tell.