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Phyl Campbell Health Journal
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Though normally I focus on and share my fiction writing, so many of us have been on health journeys this year that I want to share an organizational tool I made to help others keep track of theirs! Also useful for people caring for others, whether children, spouses, or parents (by blood or by heart).
Please check it out and share with anyone you think would benefit from it. I do have other covers and sizes coming, being patient with Amazon isn't really my thing, but we do what we must for the love of our art and creations!
Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write down what you need to remember and more!

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8x10 Dog and Cat Hearts
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8x10 Temple Dogs

8x10 Unicorn Riding Dinosaur

January 18, 2021, I found myself in the hospital. Dying.
In the middle of the pandemic, I was alone, confused -- the only thing I KNEW was that I didn't have COVID -- and sick.
When I got a SECOND negative COVID result, I took the initiative to ask for more tests. To find out what was really wrong with me. As I started to get some answers, I grabbed a blank book and started writing stuff down. Started trying to understand it. I had a lot to learn.
Over the next 11 months, I added tons of medical information to my blank book. I was able to include information from my online medical portal, my at-home testing, lab results, and my doctor's appointments. I printed out lots of things, but I needed one central location to organize all the information that swam before my eyes. I needed to know what was "normal" and where I stood in relation with those numbers. As I learned, I was able to show my information to doctors as I asked questions and even challenged a few of the brush-offs I got. This made me bolder. I put more info in my book and I looked up more stuff, and I kept asking questions, referring back to the data I'd been collecting about myself. It was hard to argue with me when I could show the science and the data that I'd been collecting and researching.
There's still a lot I don't know. This journal is not the equivalent of a medical degree. But it can be a portfolio of data to back up what you need your medical providers to hear as they become partners with you in your health journey.
Be well! Arm yourself with information. Knowledge is power -- get yours!

The pages of the following Table of Contents refers to the 8x10 size. The smaller 6x9 version has the same contents in slightly different page layout.

Insurance Info. 5
People to Keep Informed about Me. 6
Doctors: contact info and specialties. 8
Current Prescription List 11
Supplements, Herbs, Vitamins and Other 12
Glasses, Contacts, Dental Implants, Hearing Aids. 13
Pacemakers, IUDs, Sterilization, Implants. 14
Other Medical Equipment 15
Past Prescription(s) List 16
Allergies. 17
Medical History. 18
Surgical History. 19
Family History. 20
Things to Check. 21
Frequent or Recurring Lab Tests. 22
Other Lab Results. 23
Weight Chart 30
Blood Pressure Readings. 32
Appointments Calendar 34
Questions for the Doctor 47
Doctor’s Visit Worksheet 55
Blood Glucose Readings Charts. 71
Menstruation/Period Log. 94
Physical Therapy* Goals and Progress. 96
Other Therapy Goals and Progress (Occupational Therapy*) 97
Other Therapy Goals and Progress (Mental Health*) 98
Exercise and Movement Goals. 99
Self-Care Goals and Progress. 100
Pre-Op Notes. 102
Post Op Notes. 104
Hospital Stay Checklist 113
Hospital Jokes to lift your spirits. 114

Anyone can use this book, but there are pages written specifically for women's health, because I am a woman and this workbook was created as a result of my journey. But if you don't need a section, just leave it blank. If it makes you uncomfortable, draw a line through it. Once purchased, this is YOUR book -- yours or to use for a loved one you care for.

If I've forgotten something, either because it didn't apply to me or for some other reason, reach out and let me know. I welcome your input as we work together on a quest for better health! I am grateful to my friends who have offered input to the first drafts of this project, just as I am grateful to those who shared their own health journeys with me as I struggled to understand my new normal(s).