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Summer 2015

Cadence Moore's Doggie Dilemma (10)
Bella Bond's A Lemur's Life: The Power Within  (10)
Nicole Abram's Megan's Great Fear (10)
Ian Litchford's Crystals of Light (9)
Bella Bond's A Lemur's Life: The Royal Family (10)
Ari Ford's The Mystery of Death Bridge  (11)
Fall 2015
Ian Litchford's Crystals of Light 2(10)
Daisy Litchford's Tony Learns to Fly (7)
Summer of 2016


Payton Ledford's I See a Rainbow (6 1/2)

Kayden Ledford's The Three Best Friends (10)

Willie Craddick Jr's The Life of a Boy With Big Dreams (16)

Ian Litchford's Crystals of Light Book 3 (11)

Summer of 2017
Ian Litchford's Dinosaur Land  (11)


Elizabeth Forester's  Thoughts of Someone Just Like You (15)

Emma Klimchock's Time Fears and Smiles (12)

Joseph Ee's  Minecraft War  (11)

James Ee's Jackson Carrot Defeats Boredom(11)

Alyssa Murray's  Not Growing (11)

Ayana Cruz's Dark Heart (12)
Lauren Carletti's Trapped (11)

Ben Waters Epic Elements (10)

Spring 2018


Willie Craddick Jr's They Counted Us Out(17)

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