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Phyl Campbell writes fiction. And non-fiction. And basically whatever floats her boat. She hates writing her own biographies, as they are either self-deprecating or just not good, and what are the chances that someone is actually going to read the biography anyway? Well, except for you. You're special. You know you've always been different. That's why Phyl likes you so much. Phyl is married and has one son. They don't have pets (unless Sea Monkeys are in season), and aspire to one day have a tank of fish. Until then, they have settled for screen-savers.

Phyl wrote her first book, Weird Pie, when she was 8 years old (see the picture on this page -- you can't miss it!). It involved witches, the Christmas Ghost, and Eagon from the Ghostbusters all convening in a rotten tree log on the hill behind her house. As a rural Arkansas native, she used chicken feeder trays to clamp over the ends of the log and trap "all the bad things" in the pie batter she had made. Far and away it's still her favorite book -- misspelled words, crazy big hands, and all the errors of beloved eight year old authors notwithstanding.

Weird Pie was the opening salvo to the publishing dream fulfilled. Since then, she's written at least a book a year, whether a poetry collection, short story, angst-filled teen novel, or unsolved mystery. Most of them aren't fit for public consumption, but they are HERS -- her past, her history, her silliness, her truth. "They were a good start," she says with a grin and a sly gleam in her eye.

Mother Confessor and Carley Patrol are both stories about small towns and big secrets in small towns. They are both about ties that bind and break a community, and the search for "real" and "truth" amid the "official" versions of history.

Martha's Chickens and the Pirates is a story about bullheadedness turning into perseverance, and not being afraid of new things. Martha is the name of Phyl's grandmother, and Phyl wrote the picky Pirate Captain to poke fun at her own picky eating habits.

Phyl hopes you will enjoy them all.

Phyl Campbell

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Where has Phyl been?
birth to 2002 -- Northwest Arkansas
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2002-2007 -- Lexington, KY
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