Phyl Campbell

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July 30 in 2018, Watkinsville GA
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August 4 in Tontitown, AR
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August 11 in York, PA
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2018 Events

Mermaid  's Revenge series

The three-book series starts with Mermaid Overboard,  released in 2018. Mermaid Evolution was  released in 2019, and Mermaid Revenge followed inDecember 2020.

These books follow Mandy, who disguised herself as a boy on a privateer ship to try to rescue her father, and Adam, a fake stowaway on the ship who has to decide whether to help Mandy or betray her. 

‚ÄčThis is a mermaid creation story. It is also a story about use and abuse of power. This is a story about what it means to be powerful and how to use that power for good or ill.