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Sneak peeks at Phyl's Works In  Progress, such as:

Confidence Woman

     Officer Jamie Rucker (from Carley Patrol) has been promoted to detective and has a mission to find a jewelry thief in the Big Easy. Little does she know that she'll need a kidnapped blind orphan girl and a vacationing ophthalmologist to help her solve the case.

(Adult/Fiction/Mystery/Crime Thriller)

Cold as Ice (working title, subject to change)

          Nicholas Sparks-type forbidden romance between journalism teacher and unexpectedly retired hockey champion yields hot passions and icy consequences.
"A story with modern day players of Arthurian fame and a Nicolas Sparks twist: biographer Gwyn King is excited to get the exclusive scoop on hockey star Lance Knight -- despite knowing next-to-nothing about hockey. Leaving her husband, Arthur, and son behind, and with the phone-a-friend help of Maggie Lake, Gwyn embarks on a romantic whirlwind fraught with perils only she couldn't see coming."



Isaac's Quest

       Technology-tripping Isaac hates books. He can't understand why his parents love them so much. But a typical trip to school turns into anything but when a leprechaun takes him to learn about his magical gifts. (Young Adult / Adventure / Magic / Fantasy)

Archer's Paintbrush

Archer Hunt's world turns upside down when his daughter is kidnapped by a Minotaur. He turns for help to a red leather book where he must draw himself into the fantasy if he hopes to draw his daughter out.
(Young Adult / Adventure / Magic / Fantasy)

The Bully
       Two kindergarteners enter school on the first day and can't be more alike. But as one makes friends and the other doesn't, the latter turns into a bully of the former. Since the former is making friends and the latter is often excluded, the teacher doesn't see the issue correctly and places guilt and blame on the victim.  Several big changes invoke a karma-inspired ending.

(Children / Realistic Fiction / Picture Book)

Orion Owl Forgets

     Orion needs a gift for his friend. But he is easily distracted by EVERYTHING. Will his inattention cost him his friendship? How can Orion remember what Orion Owl Forgets?

(Children / Picture Book)

You Can Call Me Mommy
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