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York, Pennsylvania, July 6, 2018—York author Phyl Campbell is launching her latest book, Mermaid Overboard, at the York Emporium Saturday, August 11, from 2-5PM. Her launch event coincides with WECO Second Saturday, and several area businesses will offer specials tying into her launch. These include specialty drinks at I-ron-ic, special guests at GUSA, face painting and mermaid braids at Luxe and Mane, a 20% discount on mermaid and pirate tattoos at Built to Last Tattoo, and more. The event will feature a pirate and mermaid costume contest, readings from the book, a book signing, and even a game of Cross and Bones, a dice game designed by Campbell and played by characters in her book.

Mermaid Overboard is about the creation story of mermaids – how did they come about? The back cover poses the question, “What if mermaids are women discovered on sailing ships? Superstitious sailors tied them up and threw them overboard. Bound legs become powerful tails. The women begin new lives underwater as mermaids.”

“This is a book about struggles for power,” Campbell said. “People that have power intend to keep it. People who don’t have power are trying to figure out how to fit in or get by. Most people could get by if they would help each other. But add a little fear and troubles arise.”

Mermaid Overboard is the first of a planned fantasy book trilogy called Mermaid’s Revenge. It is directed at Middle Grade (4th-8th grade) readers. But everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the launch event, as Campbell writes in many genres from picture books to adult novellas. Campbell is a new arrival to York, where she lives with her husband and son. She is also the founder of the Young Authors Program, where she helps authors as young as six years old create books, publish them, and make them available for sale on Amazon. For more information about her books or classes, she can be found at