Phyl Campbell

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Workshops will be the same two topics each month, offered on multiple dates.  But it's not possible to cram nearly a decade of experience into an hour --  learn something new each time!

These workshops will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays.

February – Crafting Characters   

Learn to use free, commercial use source art, digital programs, and crafting materials to make props, puppets, and characters that will help bring stories to life! 

March – Storytelling Basics  

This class will be part public speaking, part speed reading, part reading comprehension, part engaging an audience and working through fears, and part just learning new stories to share with new people all the time.   

April — Marketing Methods

Online sales avenues are important, but there are plenty of ways to sell products locally in York. Learn how to market products to be invited to fairs, shows, and year-round venues.

These workshops will be offered Wednesdays and Fridays.

February – Write your book!        

Simple as that. You have an idea. We turn it into a story.

March – Edit your book!         

You wrote your first draft. Now share it with others and polish it until it shines.

April – Publish your book!
Format and prepare your book for publication. Then publish it. Your instructor will show you the way!!
Mix and Match. Attend one group of classes a month or come every day. 

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