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How It Works

Privacy Notice:

GoDaddy and Google say I have to have a privacy notice. This is kind of like paying taxes. The government knows what should be here, what data is collected, etc. It does a poor job of relaying this info to me, and I'm just not criminally inclined to use your information unless you are a hateful piece of work. Then I intend to screenshot your comments and embarrass you with them on social media. Other than that, use this website to learn about me or to get my info so I can help you publish your book. Any nefarious use of this website will impress me greatly, please let me know how you are nefariously using the information you learned here so I can be impressed. 

Students create the story and illustrations of their choosing. Sometimes they meet with me first; sometimes they have their story done first. Each student's case is slightly different, and that's OK!

Collaborating, editing, and coaching may take place in person and/or online using document sharing programs like Google Docs. I have used Skype, Google Hangouts, and FB video chat for online conferencing.

Younger students who cannot meet in person may need adult help typing or scanning illustrations/pages to share with me through a variety of acceptable methods. I work with adults, too!

Students determine physical aspects of their books, including cover design and size (6x9 chapter book, 8x8 square picture book, 8x10 tall coloring book).

I work through the technical aspects of getting their book from final drafts to formatted, publishable files. I primarily use Microsoft Word for these steps. Depending on age, skill level, and experience of the students, I might teach the student these technical aspects, or allow the student to concentrate on creativity (and proofreading!) while managing the technical on their behalf.

I submit publishable files to the printer.  The book goes through a review process of up to 72 hours, and once that is done (or all rejections are addressed and satisfied), the book goes LIVE on Amazon.  When the review is complete, the book is available Print on Demand (Print on Demand means you don't HAVE to buy inventory to resell, because people can just go to Amazon and buy the book).

I also make it possible for adults to order author copies (to gift, use for marketing, or for resale) at a lower author rate than Amazon's retail price.
Authors can then sell their physical books at whatever price point they want. The money they make from these person to person sales (minus taxes determined by sale location) is theirs -- I don't make commission off their person to person sales. If you intend to attend many events as an author, this is the way I advise people to go. When people come to an event, they will buy something THEN. They won't go home and shop for you on Amazon.  (However, Your Mileage May Vary.)

Books sold via Amazon earn royalties that I submit to the students minus a $1 mailing fee (if I send royalty funds electronically, no fee). Right now, Amazon pays 30-90 days after sale on a monthly basis. I send payments to authors the week the funds clear in my account. Some people prefer to have their own accounts, and I can help authors decide if that is or isn't in their best interest.

That's the process in a nutshell! Please ask any questions you may have.