​Participants join published author and educator Phyl Campbell and other creative young authors and artists. They write and create their own original stories. They learn how to find free cover art or use their own photographs and drawings. So long as they put in the work, they publish a book of their very own, make it available on Amazon, and sell it. 

More Reasons to choose

Creative Writing and Publishing Workshop

Now in York, PA, Phyl collaborated with Victoria at GUSA by Victoria to offer the Just Sew Stories coloring book to crafty kids. In addition to three stories on crafting, JSS offers two retold Kenyan tales, because Victoria is from Kenya.  Phyl is offering other classes at GUSA at this time. See below for more details.

Phyl also offers workshops and special sessions at Rustic Cup Coffee House in East Prospect. She is actively seeking a more permanent classroom situation.

Phyl offers an assortment of classes and workshops to students young and young at heart.  Send an email with "calendar" in the subject to receive that month's calendar of classes and appearances. If you want classes/events tailored to your age or interest, specify in the body of the email, please!

Phyl Campbell

Students will learn to create books (real books) -- they can even sell them on Amazon to friends and family! These books can also be bought wholesale from the instructor or retail through Amazon as one-of-a-kind gifts, bought wholesale and sold for fundraisers -- so many possibilities.

Students can use photographs to make memory books for friends and family. This might be a year in review, a special game or recital, a book about their friends or hobbies -- if they can think it, they can make it.

Students will WRITE! They will create stories from personal experiences to wild imaginative adventures. They will be in control of their book project(s).

Advanced students will have the benefit of hands-on experience with free book-making software that they can use online even after they finish the program.

Advanced students will explore free image and image-creation sites that they can also use for school projects, reports, and presentations.

Still have Questions or Concerns? Call 479.283.7114 or email phyln@phylcampbell.com.

Online sign ups are coming soon! Can't wait? Send me an email to sign up!​