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This game puts me to the test and helps players unlock their creativity. Players try to stump me by coming up with their four favorite things -- and I have to put them into a story ON THE SPOT! In the past, I have asked for favorite: color, number, shape, size; color, letter, animal, place; color, number, time of day, piece of clothing. I have led this activity with over 60 engaged students at the same time!
Think extremely easy MADLIBS where I do all the work! 

Flash Fiction After Dark
An offshoot of the Four Favorites Game for older players, this creative game has players writing their own responses to prompts and the host (usually me) reading them out loud to turn into a story. I have some examples from a 2016 party at Ann Peden Studio in Watkinsville GA on my YouTube Channel. 

The next generation needs our stories before we are gone. Memoir writing addresses life as we knew it, saw it or experienced it. Work with a published author to create the story only you can tell. A great gift to hand down to generations!

Become a published author! Learn to self-publish your book and make it available for purchase. Writing, editing, formatting, and publishing all included. Don't miss out! A once in a lifetime opportunity. What do you have to lose?

Bring characters of your stories to life through photos, arts, and crafts!  All materials provided. Students will make props, dolls, and puppets with paper, yarn, and digital programs, too!

Classes and Workshops

Below are A FEW of my past offerings. Also see Kids Make a Book Club from the side menu (or just click here).  I can have class via Zoom or FB video chat, meet at your location (homeschools, daycares, Troop Meetings), or you can visit me at Blissful Bonita Art Studio & Gallery!

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